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My Reward
(A reviewing iPhone app based on existing website dedicated to the loyalty program)

Our Canadian partner approached us to move their media loyalty program to the mobile market. Our task was to develop a geo-positioning backed up with an existing web portal. The idea of the app was to let users post and share their location with their friends, write reviews of the public places with attached pictures and get rewards for checking-in in the form of virtual bonus currency that can be transformed into superb offers and deals. Our team worked closely with client-side designers and developers and delivered an iPhone solution that exceeded client’s expectations.

(A web and iOS app for a transportation company.)

One of our projects implied a complex software development for a taxi company providing them with web system and mobile app for iOS. Our client wanted to transform the booking taxi cabs for the customers and his staff. An online working service streamlines and simplifies the work of company operator and drivers automating all the processes. Such app also improves customer experience providing a faster response with an automated confirmation text message and providing a opportunity to cancel or change a booking anytime.

(A mobile application for soccer amateurs and fans)

An iPhone application works as a social networking platform for soccer lovers uniting fans all around the world and just in the neighbour house. The app has informative functionality providing the latest news on the soccer matches which is possible due to the administration panel. Besides, the app lets users create games and select a field or just to point a place on the map and invite friends and other nearby soccer amateurs to join. So users always can easily find someone to play soccer, share their expectations on the last game, and to go with to the next one.

Budget control
(A money management iOS application)

The application was developed with the aim to help its users to handle their accounts, bills, budgets, taxes and more. The app functionality lets track income and expenses and set budgets. The user can schedule his or her payments and analyse reports automatically collected by the app. Besides, we enable the app to sync user’s information on all user devices where the app is installed. While reminding and forecasting functionality allows users to set up all the bills and get reminds and forecasting on them. So users get an efficient tool to monitor and control their expenses.

(A real estate mobile application for iPhones)

An iOS application was a creative idea of a real estate company which helps people to find their home. For those clients who are always on the go and don’t have time to sit at the company office explaining what type of apartment they need, the app will be an irreplaceable tool in finding an appropriate place to live. Integrated Google Maps allows customers to identify city area and numerous filters let users specify his preferences such as housing type, price, building materials, floor, etc. Every option of the company catalogue is accompanied by a set of photos. As soon as users find the perfect place, they can get in touch with the company agent with one click and together visit the place and in the case of successful examination purchase it.