Mobile App Development Company to Digitalise Your Business

Our team is a mobile app development company that provides a full-cycle software production. We design and develop iOS & Android apps using advanced technologies. Ther substantial experience in IT outsourcing - over 7 years – means our company can confidently provide a guarantee and post-release support on our work.

Expert Mobile Application Development
  • Create an application

Our company helps you to make your personal mobile application at a fair price and guarantee the top quality. The experts provide comprehensive reports on the work done and you can take part in every stage of the development process.

  • Development process

As soon as your project starts, the company assign a project manager and provide access to the inner project management tools. This is a powerful toolkit that carries all the contraptions required to steer the task through the complete development cycle. You don’t need to think about something apart from your software product.

  • Distribution

When your project is completed, we are happy to assist you with publishing your product in the iTunes & Google play markets. The project managers of the company do their best to make sure your application efficaciously passes the approval procedure.

  • Enterprise apps (B2B)

If you're looking to create a mobile solutions for your enterprise, our company assists you in building it with the best security level and a pleasant user experience. Development of B2B mobile products is our ardour and we have big stocks of the technical system generally required to construct a B2B app: diverse iBeacon devices, barcode scanners, mobile printers, credit card readers and more.

iOS Applications
  • iPhone programming

The development of wonderful packages for iPhone is one of the key features of our company and we are happy to help you in building mobile applications with any level of complexity.

  • iPad programming

Apps for iPad require a different UI layout than those for iPhone, that is absolutely a huge benefit. The development crew can provide a great custom UI layout with a view to take full advantage of the tablet's bigger displays.

  • Apple Watch programming

Apple watch - make the important data of your mobile app comfortably available to customers. Our team will take full gain of the custom notification interface as a glanceable app, this means that that we can deliver up to date information immediately from the watch screen.

  • Swift

Our group uses the Swift language in most cases as it's fast and reliable, but the mobile app developers are also skilled in Objective-C. The Swift syntax is concise yet expressive, and it consists of the modern-day features that programmers like. Swift code is secure in terms of design and produces software that runs lightning-fast.

  • App Store distribution

Once your mobile product is ready, we are glad to set it up and publish it on iTunes. The designers can also produce unique stylized screenshots and video of your so it stands out from the rest of the iTunes crowd.

Android Applications
  • Android Phones

As Android is a famous platform in the mobile world, our mobile app development company makes your product work flawlessly on all modern devices.

  • Android tablets

Making applications for Android tablets gives us the possibility to create the precise UI for a better customer experience than mobiles can provide. Using custom UI design, we can build a more precise and proper product sense by building a three-dimensional environment with textures, lighting fixtures, animations, and shadows.

  • Java programming

Our team uses Java as it is a popular & reliable programming language for generating high-spec responsive apps for Android-based smartphones, enforcing custom UI layout for tablets, and growing strong mini apps for smartwatches . Some other benefit of Java is portability - software written for this platform runs on any combination of hardware & operating systems.

  • Google Play distribution

When your undertaking is absolutely finished and examined, our experts are happy to place your application on the Google play. As additional capabilities, the designers create stylized display screen video or screenshots that describe your product.

Cross-Platform Solutions
  • PhoneGap

In case you need a cross-platform mobile app with a scalable UI interface which is compatible with most existing mobile devices, then our company is here to create it for you. We use phonegap tech along with jQuery mobile to make solid, brilliant packages that look and feel native and support the following operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Mobile
  • Xamarin

Our crew makes use of Xamarin to get an amazing experience by optimizing native UI to Windows, Android & iOS structures. We use the great solutions to create a responsive, high performance strong product which includes exceptional quality, a featured interface, and a scalable and responsive design for the best user experience.

UI/ UX Design Services
  • Icon design

Each app needs an appealing and noteworthy icon that attracts the attention of users and stands out on any device's home screen. Your app's icon is the primary possibility to talk, and actually, it represents app's cause. Also, it's going to appear throughout the system, which includes settings and search results.

  • Brand design

UI designers will create a completely unique brand for your company that is sympathetic to the ideas of your task and its capabilities. This process consists of growing an initial logo design, developing unique concepts and choosing colorations, themes and format.

  • Mobile app layout

Designing a top-notch, practical mobile utility interface is the premise for every hit product. The skilled mobile UI designers generate exceptional thoughts for the project, with particular visual concepts that meet Google & Apple hints and guidelines.

  • Website visual identity

Our designers can offer wonderful UI principles and thoughts to make your site on each mobile device and laptop computer using guidelines for adaptive format.

Mobile App Prototyping
Summarizing your concept
Primary wireframe
Application Wireframes
Flowchart development
Additional services

Wireframes advent is without a doubt critical issue in app development process, comparable like a plan for constructing a house. So let's try to find out more thoroughly how this procedure will occur.

The project manager of the company discusses the fundamental requirements and challenge scopes with you. This facilitates us to recognize your vision of the app and avoid viable misunderstandings in future. After finalizing any uncertain points, the designer provides a rough sketch and any new thoughts from our side which can be useful.

When you verify the sketch, the designer can proceed to work on a general UI layout of your project and start mobile app or site wireframes development. You can test the basic assignment screens and the approximate UI.

The following step is creation of particular wireframes.

At this level, the UI designers will integrate connections between screens which display the mobile app or website logic. Also, wireframes describe how people will have interaction with your product so you can see the user experience.

After the mobile utility or site wireframes are finalized, our UI designer can begin growing the undertaking flowchart. Essentially, that is a pattern which describes the assignment algorithms and shows detailed UI layout for every screen.

Please pay attention that prototyping process does not encompass advent of user interface. Creation of UI layout is a separate process to be made for the duration of the following stage, along with the app development.


Notable UI/UX is a key factor of any successful product, as mobile apps have to be clear for user understanding and have an attractive appearance. Here is an algorithm of the UI/UX development process:

Step 1: Style

After a task's initiation, the project manager will contact you to speak about which coloration palette and style of layout you choose. You can share some links to applications which you just like the most in of UI/UX. On this stage, the designer can better understand your vision for the mobile app outside and start the work.

Step 2: Design idea

On this step, the specialists of the company offer 3 concepts from which you may choose the best one for your company. A concept consists of a picture with three or four app pages in it. Each layout idea will correspond to your tips that we acquired on previous step, but at the same time, every idea could have its own colour palette and style. After the preferred design concept is confirmed, we pass onto the subsequent step.

Step 3: Approve mockups

Within the very last step of the UI development process, our specialists will provide software mockups. App mockups are composed of an image where you will see every page of your application with the details that were showed in the preceding step. Essentially, this could help you to see the final look of your app.

Tablet optimisation

If you also need to optimize your app for tablets, our UX professionals are happy to help you. As a tablet's screen resolution is higher than a smartphone’s, we will create a UX that differs from the one for mobile phones with the aid of setting more capability at the same pages. This will make the app more efficient and user-friendly.

Your Best Development Partner

  • Professional project management

Project management services are highly customised for our customers. Your personal PM will track the development of the undertaking, spread the obligations among builders, observe the milestones and will be your direct communication point with the complete group. In the meantime, charge will cross only for the actual working hours.

  • Technical consultations

Our managers offer unlimited, free-of-rate consultations. We understand the significance of verbal exchange and we're always happy to install a video convention via Skype or offer a technical session by e-mail. We don't take money for talks.

  • Safety

We take privateness seriously. We don't use third-party services to control your venture. The app source code will be saved on our dedicated server, with restricted access. The identical rule applies to correspondence and any other sources. We don't simply sign an NDA, we truly think about data security.

  • In-house crew

We never outsource the initiatives to third parties. All our developers, testers, graphic designers & managers are at the same office, providing better quality and faster turnaround.

  • Quality assurance

Our company provides a high-standard QA services to make certain that your app includes a top-notch user experience and meets highest quality standards. The testing process is included in every stage of development to guarantee the unrivaled quality of our products.