How Much Does It Cost to Make an App: Professional View

We are a professional team of software builders with broad experience and unrivalled expertise. We provide bespoke solutions for all business needs at a fair price. You are here, so you are wondering how much does it cost to make an app.

The cost range is huge, but our specialists are always ready to discuss your project and offer you a free project estimation. On average, you can get an MVP for something between £50,000 and £100,000. On this page, you will find the alternatives you have in the app development market.

Partner with a Software Development Company or Mobile App Design Agency

Most expensive but top-quality alternativ.

That is the most high-priced choice and also the most efficient way to make your app concept a live app. Our software development group have over 100 developers, designers and project managers who are all specialists in their very own skill set and that they’ll work with you to flesh out your app concept from idea to live app.

High-quality apps constructed by a team of professionals

The really polished and robust apps that frequent the top charts of the app store are commonly built by mobile app groups like ours. There are exceptions to the rule, and there are a lot of Indie builders who have constructed famous apps, but only a reputed and professional team guarantees the high quality and security level.

How to find a company to suit you

If it sounds good for you and you want to pursue this direction, then that is how to do about it:

  • Find apps that you really like and are a hit.
  • Find out which company built them
  • Contact them and ask about costs

Start from our portfolio. We can boast of highly successful apps in a variety of industries, and we are ready to make your project the next groundbreaker.

Pay a Freelancer
So what are the dangers?
Unexpected troubles
Negative experience

Doubtlessly the most beneficial way from the perspective of cost.

How much does it cost to make an app with a freelancer? Going this course, you can hardly obtain the same stage of quality on your app as compared to the app agency choice. What is more, you will face some difficulties that may negatively influence the quality of the end product. You could discover a few truly decent developers and designers for ~£50/hour.

No project manager to ensure that your task is delivered on time and budget. In companies, a PM also coordinates the efforts of members of the team.

You have a group of strangers working collectively. In most cases, your freelance designer and your freelance programmer have never worked together before, so there’s a danger of miscommunication and possibilities falling thru the cracks.

The app won't turn out the way you imagined. With freelance programmers, you should have a truly clear concept of the way the app is going to look and work because s/he will sincerely build anything you ask them to make.

On the other hand, when you engage an application development agency like ours in making your app, they normally work with you to bring your idea right into a concrete concept. You’ll have people collecting requirements and supporting throughout every stage. With freelancers, you’ll do that on your own after which communicate those requirements to them.

You would possibly have a horrible experience. There are lots of memories obtainable about missed time limits, shoddy work, unforeseen costs and typically freelancers being unreliable. The hazard is that you might by accident hire a person like this!

On the brighter side, freelance web sites have a lot of ways to gauge the performance of a freelancer nowadays. From scores and opinions to latest projects that the freelancer has finished for other clients, make sure that you take someone who has a good track record.

Buy a Template or Starter Kit and Customise It.

Mainstream app concepts may be made cost effectively while app templates can lower the costs of constructing your app.

If your app idea is very much like some other app that is popular in the app store, then this is probably the option for you. As with something that gets famous, a ton of clones always follows. Possibilities are that someone has created a clone of your popular app idea and is selling that source code for £50-150 per license. Meaning that you can post it to the app store as soon as possible. Multi-license will likely be just a little bit more than that range.

You still need to customize the template

No less than, you’ll need the new image property to replace those in the source code that you purchased. If you have a few creative capacity, you can create them yourself or hire a freelance designer to create them for you.

Furthermore, in case you need some more functionality, or you need to exchange how something works in the source code that you obtain, you’ll have to additionally hire a contract programmer to change it for you.

This is still a cheaper alternative than hiring for the complete app.

What are the dangers?

The app template might not be precisely what you’re searching out. The more you want to change, the more it’ll cost you.

The app template can be buggy. If there are any bugs in the source code, it will take your freelance developer more time (which means more money) to find out where the bug is and the way to fix it due to the fact s/he will have to first apprehend all of this code which s/he didn’t write. They must orient themselves and get familiar with the code base, and that takes time. This could come as a marvel, and it’ll really upload to the cost of making an app.

There may be lots of variations already in stores. Seeing that it is a template, there can be a lot of people who've already sold it and submitted model to the stores

How to manage with this option

Take a look at source code marketplace like or simply search google for “app source code” for more web sites.

Use an App Maker

An app maker, app author or app builder is a bit of software or an online service where users can customise and construct their app in an editor regularly without the need of any expertise of coding. Although it sounds great, there are also some risks and issues to consider.

May be rigid but also can be precisely what you want

Because there are so much variety and such a lot of options about making an app, some app creators might also restrict you to a sure form or a certain sort of navigation. Then you customise or tweak the program inside those constraints.

Different app builders may also provide a dizzying array of alternatives and ways to configure it. The best way to discover if this is for you is to try it out.

Costs vary

The costs for these services and software can vary from £10 a month to a one time cost of £5000. It’s difficult to nail down where this way fits because of these large cost variety. There are even free app makers available, but as you can expect, they’re not so full-featured.

Where to search for an app maker

For games, take a look at For apps check out and

Learn Programing Language and Make Do It Yourself

Most inexpensive realistic alternative.

That is the most low-priced option if you’re on finances to have your product created. All the information to research is freely available in the Internet and Apple affords documentation for mastering to code. However, if you want to study efficiently, you may invest $99 to buying a coding course and dedicate the time to analyse a brand new ability.

Most flexible

Once you learn to code, you’ll be capable of making any app you want, and if there’s something you don’t understand how to do, Google is there to assist. These days, tutorials and articles are abundant on the Internet, and you could commonly find a tutorial on the capability you need to implement. But, you need to learn how to study and apprehend code and programming before you may understand those tutorials.

After you beyond the hump, you may construct anything you want

The “hump” is that spot where most people usually give up. It’s the element about every week in, while some learners start to falter and their determination starts to be examined. For those learners who persevere and get past that point, the sky’s the limit due to the fact now they start to understand how a program is made and a way to study code.

At this point, it’s like you’ve learned the way to understand some historical language and now all of sudden all of this expertise is open to you and ripe to your selecting.

Partner with a Developer to Make your App and Break up the Profit

This selection is possible only if you’re friends with a programmer.

Most developers won’t be open to this concept unless you know them personally because there’s simply too much risks in working with a stranger and the chances of success are so slender.

You can benefit from this strategy only if you already know someone who is a programmer or designer and you may persuade them of your idea and also you additionally bring something to the table.

Choose Quality, not the Cost

When it comes to software development, the only thing that matters is top quality. Hunting for the cheapest options may result in the global failure of the project. Our company provides professional quality assurance services and guarantees that you will get the best product in full compliance with your requirements and at a fair price. Contact our Customer department to get your free cost estimation of the project.