About Our Team

Our team has grown to 100+ developers and keep growing showing that we move in the right direction building mobile solutions for over 6 years. Our experience and passion to iOS let us deliver fully integrated, custom solutions exceeding customers’ expectations. Being enthusiastic and willing to keep up with the latest mobile technologies, we like working with challenging projects, finding new solutions, sharing our expertise with each other. For these purposes, our team create regular meetings where we tell about recent projects, challenges and how we dealt with them. We also visit different IT conferences and love reading nerdy books.

Dedicated to our mission

Since 2010 we have been reframing our customers’ workflow introducing innovative software solutions and motivating them to benefit from information technologies. We have proven that our way of thinking works, while our expertise helps our customers to bring to life their ideas in the form of productive applications which add value to their businesses. Adhering to our values, we provide our clients with the transparency and reliability in our business relationships, and high-end quality of our services. BB believes that connecting people remotely with the help of today’s technologies is quite important due to unstoppable globalisation tendency. And our team’s mission is to assist forward-thinking entrepreneurs and business people in utilising all the capabilities of distance-shortening, automotive and optimisation technologies that transform the way people run their business.