iPhone App Development: We know how to embody your creative thinking!

We are an iPhone app development agency that creates spectacular software solutions for businesses. We are working to empower your business! Our team consists of experienced software engineers and talented iOS designers who love delivering results that meet our clients’ needs. Our team brings to the table iPhone solutions that solve problems and make a difference adding value to our customers’ businesses.

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What define the best iPhone app development companies?

Considerable ingenuity and rich experience. Our company offers a full cycle development with the implementation of the latest technologies and the proven methods that together with strong technical skills and years of experience helps us to deliver highly usable and functional iPhone applications.

Transparency and responsiveness in communication with our clients. Being responsive to your requirements and business objectives our team tailors a custom solution that aims to help your business grow and generate higher ROI.

Professionalism and reliability in the business relationships with our customers. Our expertise allows us to deliver iPhone solutions of an exceptional quality in a timely manner and staying within the agreed project budget.

What iOS app do you need?
Based on your industry your iPhone app can belong to different categories such as sports, food, medical, financial, etc. But it isn’t the only classification that can be used to describe your app; another one is more critical, and it is based on the architecture of the software you need. Our company offers different types of iOS apps from simple software with basic functionality to complicated integrated solutions. Below we will cover some of them.
Database backend functionality
Software that provides access to a load of content in organised and categorised way. The data can be housed in different ways depending on your needs “natively” or “dynamically.” The second option differs from the first one by utilising online web services.
An app which utilises and enhances iPhone’s firmware
Developers can build a native program that uses devices’ capabilities, such as the alarm, camera, geolocation, accelerometer, audio and others.
Fully dynamic software
Dynamic program relies purely on external information, for instance, magazine, or user generated content, or news applications with the integrated content management system.
Customised data processing app
This type of software allows users to input and manage the information in a specifically required way, like spreadsheets programs. It is just a few examples of iPhone applications we can develop. The functionality, architecture, design - all these aspects are defined by your business needs and requirement, on such factor as how much content you need to process, and how much control over the entire app work you want to have. When you introduce us into your business and tell more about your ideas, our team will help you to determine the app architecture and core functionality.
What we do
Launch and Aftercare

The company has developed hundreds of iPhone apps for businesses across multiple industries. From idea verification, prototyping, design and engineering to submission and launch - we provide end-to-end services in building enterprise-level, startup and consumer iPhone solutions. Our experienced and skilled team ensures the best quality and compliance with your requirements.

Our business analysts carefully studying your business and researching your market, target audience and target audience needs. It is essential to see your problem inside out because this understanding allows us fully utilise our knowledge and skills to back your ideas with our expertise and make your project even better. At this stage, we start thinking of possible pitfalls your project may face and prepare to deal with them.

When your project manager helped to identify and define all your business goals and needs, we start looking for the way to help you to meet them. Our team works together with you or your representative determining the core functionality and key features of your future iPhone program. This architecture lays the foundation of the MVP (minimum viable program).

Creative iPhone app designers present you several layouts for your program look. They strive to adhere to the Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines preserving airy clarity, a sense of depth and bringing the content to the fore. The design team also mirrors your business identity making your software easy-to-recognise and promoting your brand. Its aesthetic part isn’t the only thing we pay attention to creating the user interface. User experience is as important as the attractive look. Our team maps out a navigation map which ensures user-friendly and intuitive experience.

According to the agreed wireframe of your project and chosen design layout, software engineers build a working program that contains core functionality, an MVP. This program illustrates you what your software is like. You can try it out and see if it meets your requirements. After a series of tests on its performance, usability, security and other characteristics that correspond to the high quality, we gradually implement new features. Such approach allows bringing your iPhone application to market much faster eliminating the negative impact on the quality and matching all your needs.

When the development process is over, our team stays with you assisting in the submission process. Our experience and expertise allow us to make this procedure as fast and smooth as possible. We base our development on Apple’s guidelines and recommendations avoiding and restrictions. Apple’s submit review can take several weeks but, all this time our company supports you keeping to preset go-to-market strategy. And after the successful launch, we remain to be your loyal business partner and dedicated technical support team. If you face the necessity to update your program and integrate new features to meet ever-evolving needs, our team is happy to provide our services.

Native vs. Hybrid

When you think of going online and making your business mobile you have quite a big temptation to develop one application for all the platform reducing development time and costs but reaching a larger audience. As professional developers, we are well-versed in utilising such tools as PhoneGap and Xamarin which allows building multi-platform mobile solutions.

  • PhoneGap implies usage of web technologies such as HTML, CSS, javaScript and allows to render web content within the mobile software context. Such solution will be acceptable only in case if you want your users to have access to your web content in a mobile-like way. All the other capabilities that make native Native apps so powerful isn’t available within this program. Such programs have a not native look and quite limited offline functionality.
  • Xamarin platform requires a certain knowledge of C# programming languages and tools and provides access to native APIs. But it is still not a one-fits-all solution. The UI design isn’t portable and requires a lot of time to create a convenient and user-friendly look for different devices of several platforms. Sometimes it doesn’t provide access to newer APIs limiting developers capabilities. Apps developed with Xamarin will still have minor bugs because operating systems are too different in their structure. Furthermore, if one day you will realise that hybrid app doesn’t meet your business requirements, you will have to start the development from the very beginning because Xamarin code is not portable and can’t be reused for native apps.

Cross-platform apps may seem to be more convenient and inexpensive, but it isn’t really so because cost difference isn’t big enough to find excuse app’s limited functionality and inevitable bugs. Native application development allows software engineers to benefit from using iPhone and iOS capabilities at the fullest extend delivering native user experience.

iOS app development quality is usually head and shoulders above any other platform. First of all, that happens because of Apple’s thorough submission review that doesn’t launch apps that don’t meet Apple’s strict guidelines. Secondly, it is because of the limited number of Apple devices. So developers can try and test your application on all iPhones models ensuring it before your app goes to market. Considering the variety of devices on Android platform it is hardly possible, that is why Android developers usually test their programs on few the most popular but the number of bugs, in this case, is much higher.

  • Finally, if you plan to create an app for reaching your target audience with a mapped out monetization strategy or an app that promotes an m-commerce business, then iOS is more suitable for this purposes just because Apple owners are known as willing to pay users.

All in all, a proper iPhone application can become a useful tool for your marketing strategy that drives traffic and revenue.

Why do businesses need an iPhone app?

Today there are over 2 million apps available in Apple App Store. The number of applications downloaded from the App Store has reached the 140 billion mark in September 2016. This statistics not only shows how big the App Store is but also highlights the popularity of the applications among users. Besides, this data shows that businesses step by step start realise all the advantages of owning their own iPhone application, and if you don’t want to be left behind your competitors it is time to think of mobile tool that can not only help your brand to reach the global audience but also optimise the processes within your organisation. And here are three main reasons why you should seriously consider iPhone app development for your business.
  • iOS is the most stable and reliable platform that provides enterprise-level security with their EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) and numerous APIs that facilitate companies device, content and access management. Companies with Apple devices can be assured that their mission critical data is safe due to strong encryption and not be afraid of risk related to a malware accidently caught in the App Store.

Bespoke iPhone software solutions

Our team can meet unique needs of your business offering B2B software with:
  • customised look and feel, from colour pattern and fonts to icons design and business logo integration;
  • specific features and functionality for a business needs, from integrated payment system and push notification feature to automated reporting and real-time data analytics;
  • security feature and opportunity update your app every time it is necessary for you.